The Prince Edward Island Psychologists Registration Board is responsible for investigating and addressing complaints made against registrants– psychologists, psychological associates, and candidates.

Before contacting the Board, a concerned person might first speak with the registrant.  It is possible that the registrant is unaware of the concern, and possible that the matter might be resolved directly.

Before lodging a formal complaint, a concerned person might first speak with the Board’s Registrar, who would be able to consult about how to proceed.  The current Board Registrar is Dr. Philip Smith, who can be contacted at (902) 566-0549, and

Formal complaints must be made in writing and signed, and must include permission for the Board to share a copy of the complaint with the registrant.  The complaint letter would detail the concern(s), and might be accompanied by relevant supporting documents.  Complaints can be mailed to:

PEI Psychologists Registration Board
c/o Dept of Psychology, UPEI
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PE    C1A 4P3

Upon receipt of a formal complaint in good order, the Board’s  Registrar would send a copy to the registrant.  The registrant would be invited to respond within 15 working days after receiving the notice of complaint.  A copy of the registrant’s response would be forwarded to the person making the complaint.

The steps in the complaints, investigation, and discipline process are detailed in the Psychologists Act, starting on p.25 (Section 36).